Drone Roof Inspections

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Drone Roof Home Inspection Services

The use of a drone to inspect your roof allows the inspector to access areas that are very high, difficult to access and unsafe to walk on.

What are Drone Roof Inspections?

Our Certified Professional Inspector will use a remote control to fly a drone over the roof and capture high resolution video and images of the entire home. This method allows the the inspector to access areas that other inspection companies refuse to walk on. In fact many home inspection companies do not walk roofs during their inspection even if it is easy to access due to liability concerns.

Who should get a Drone Roof Inspection?

Home Buyers
Buying a home is a more final, long-term solution to a living space, and it can come with many excitements. The decision to purchase an older home can be great for a leaner budget but may come coupled with various sewer line issues. It is critical to ensure that the roof is in good condition and to find any areas that may be leaking.

Real Estate Professionals and Sellers
For real estate agents looking to provide excellent services to their clients, including fully functional homes with well-equipped systems, it is vital to perform inspections of the roof. A leaking roof can cause serious damage to a home and lead to mold growth in the attic.

Owning a property is only thoroughly rewarding if the systems function adequately and are maintained to optimum performance at all times. When was the last time you climbed up on your roof? Hire us to take a professional look and record a high resolution video of it for you. We will capture images of all the problems we see and include this in our home inspection report.

New Construction
Although newly finished construction is appealing to the eye and could appear devoid of defects, there could still be some problems with the home’s roof. It is not uncommon to find broken and misplaced tiles on a concrete roof. While other inspection companies may skip out on the new roof assuming it must be fine we fly our drone up their to get a closer look.

When should you get a Drone Roof Inspection?

Drone roof inspections are the best and safest way to inspect any roof. Do not accept a home inspection that is full of disclaimers about why the inspector did not inspect the roof. Hire us to inspect your home and we will include drone services for the roof.

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