Sewer Scope Inspections

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Sewer Scope Home Inspections

Sewer scope inspections are inspections done on sewer lines to establish if a sewer system works as per the functional design. These checks are a standard component of investigation during the pre-home buying purchase period. Although you can inspect your sewer lines yourself, it’s best to contact a certified professional to provide a complete inspection of your sewer.

What are Sewer Scope Inspections?

Sewer scope inspections involve the insertion of a mini video camera inside a sewer line by way of the sewer clean out. The cleanout could be situated in the crawlspace, basement, or even outside where the wastewater exits the property. If and when zero obstructions are present, an inspector then checks for any potential obstructions along the cleanout to the main. If the inspector finds a problem in the line, they pinpoint the depth and the location of the area where the issue is present with detailed precision. The inspector then marks the ground surface at the point of intrusion. Some intrusion problems include holes, roots, cracks, pooling and even pipe separation.
On completion of the inspection, an inspector advises whether the sewer line has passed an examination. If it hasn’t, they then make proposals for repairs and replacements.

Who should get a Sewer Scope Inspections?

Home Buyers
Buying a home is a more final, long-term solution to a living space, and it can come with many excitements. The decision to purchase an older home can be great for a leaner budget but may come coupled with various sewer line issues. It is critical to ensure that the sewer line works as prescribed in its design, without any hitches. Upon inspection of the home, sewer line problems should be checked and fixed before moving in to ensure that the new owner enjoys their living space with peace of mind. Although on the outside, a home may appear to be in good condition, the sewer line may have severe problems such as root intrusions, cracks or pipe disconnections. Over time, these issues may develop and result in a costly assessment to fix them.

Real Estate Professionals and Sellers
For real estate agents looking to provide excellent services to their clients, including fully functional homes with well-equipped systems, it is vital to perform inspections of the sewer to confirm that it works efficiently and safely. Real estate agents typically work with an inspector to ensure they have carried out the sewer investigation, from investigation to feedback. The inspector’s examination is essential because it offers in-depth information regarding the property’s sewer system and determines its worth with precision. Once assessed, the owner will understand the full value of the property as communicated by the real estate agent, and even allow for making repairs or replacements in the sewer line.

Owning a property is only thoroughly rewarding if the systems function adequately and are maintained to optimum performance at all times. The hidden sewer line,it’s underground and away from distractions, is not entirely immune to destruction, as pipes may disconnect or tree roots may penetrate to cause cracks. Homeowners must adequately maintain the sewer systems functionality – it may keep functioning regardless of small problems, although one must be wary because defects may develop into significant issues that cost a lot of money to fix.

New Construction
Although newly finished construction is appealing to the eye and could appear devoid of defects, there could still be some problems with the sewer system’s function; only a professional inspection can detect the problem. To ensure that you enjoy and get the full value from your home, make sure to have a sewer scope inspection carried out on the new property, regardless of construction progress.

When should you get a Sewer Scope Inspections?
Some instances that might require you to have an inspection include:
If You Want to Remodel the Plumbing System
If you need to add a new or remodel a bathroom, have a sewer scope inspection completed. Because you will be adding the volumes of wastewater conducted in the sewer line, you should consider having it inspected and ensured that the increased quantities could be taken care of.

When Buying a Home
If you are buying a house and there are no recent video inspection reports available for your sewer line, it’s essential to have a checkup done.

If a Home Inspector Advises So
A home inspector is responsible for checking up your house if they recommend a sewer scope inspection, then you should make use of one.

Types of Sewer Scope Inspections

    • Pipe problems
    • Broken off tree roots
    • Blockage
    • Deterioration or metal pipe corrosion
    • Leaking joints

Sewer scope inspections are crucial to determine if they function correctly and to avoid future emergencies that would be expensive. Debris might cause blockages while cracks may develop over time, and thus checking should be done upon completion of construction or the purchase of an old building.

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