Short Term Rental Home Inspections

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Short Term Rental Inspections

Short Term Rentals (STR) are incredibly popular as of recent. An STR is defined as a residential unit that is rented for a term of thirty (30) or fewer consecutive nights. In the more recent years, cities throughout Orange County and Southern California are now requiring Short Term Rental owners to have a Home Inspector Perform a STR Home Inspection.

What are Short Term Rental Inspections? 

A STR Home Inspection is a certification that is required to be submitted to confirm life/safety requirements. 

Who should get a Short Term Rental Inspection?

If you currently rent your property on third party sites such as AirBNB or you rent your home out privately for under 30 days at a time & the city where the STR is based out of requires an STR Home Inspection.

How much is a Short Term Rental Inspection?

The cost of Short Term Rental Inspections vary from city to city, to get an up to date estimate from a license Orange County Home Inspector please call (714) 478-3324.

What does a short term rental inspection consist of?

A short term rental home inspection will consist of checking for Electrical, Heating and Air Conditioning Safety, Fire Sprinklers, Evacuation Routes, Fire Extinguishers, Hazardous Conditions, Water Heating, Smoke Alarms, Window Functions, carbon monoxide sensors and much more. 

Does my city require a short term rental inspection?

Your city may or may not legally require an STR Home Inspection, however it’s highly recommended to ensure the safety of your tenants. As of now, here is a list of the cities we know require Short Term Rental Inspections: Huntington Beach, Sunset Beach.

What happens if my city requires an inspection for my STR, and I don’t comply? 

If a complaint is made, cities typically visit the property to inspect the complaint with in a few hours of receiving the complaint. We have seen fines as high as $1,000 a day for each violation of any provision. If 3 violations are against the city’s guidelines for STR Regulations, the city may pull your Short Term Rental Permit.

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